The Moonsama ecosystem is about to



Straight from the Maasai Mara plains in Kenya, a collection of 400 NFT lions have now joined the Moonsama ecosystem.
Follow your Lion NFTs as they evolve with their real counterparts, growing from cubs to specimens in their prime.
Find them exclusively on Raresama.
Brought to you by
400 Lion cub NFTs, evolving into full grown Lions or Lionesses (Q2)
Raises funding for the Kenya Wildlife Trust (KWT) and their work of restoring and conserving biodiverse ecosystems.
Customize your cub through Play-2-craft and uncover a new tribe progression system
A companion for life: Lions are equipable NFTs powered by Moonsama 2.0 NFT technology
Lion NFTs are updated with dynamic real-life data produced by the KWT. Traits, alliances, coalitions, and territorial competition are all registered and brought on-chain.
Visual appearance of the lion NFTs can change based on real-life events.
The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) is a nonprofit seeking to achieve a thriving planet by reconfiguring nature's value.
SNI is located at the intersection of ecology, economy, and emerging (web3) technologies.
SNI’s DEEP (Decentralised Ecological Economics Protocol) connects dynamic data about animal and plant life with digital creatives. Land steward communities permanently produce data about their work that renders the complexity of ‘nature’ comprehensible. With DEEP digital creatives bring this data to life in virtual worlds.
DEEP is a bio-social technological framework that operates like a conduit, connecting diverse online and offline communities with the goal of transforming the ways we value 'nature'.